All of Your Ideas are Wrong


Joshua says:
February 12, 2014 at 3:53 pm (Edit)
I’d like to see a post about ‘All of your ideas are wrong.’

I think I’m taking it the right way, but I’d like to be sure. For reference, I take this to mean that problems are best solved in non-obvious ways.

At the same time, this nebulous statement has a great negative power, I think. That is, I felt empowered to ‘try and try again’ by reading this post, until I reached #44. Now, I feel like leaving the office early. 🙂


“All of your ideas are wrong.” is really about Lean Startup methodology (Customer Development, Customer Interviews, Validation, and Product Market Fit). That particular line came from Dane Maxwell of The Foundation who said something like ‘Every single one of my ideas have been wrong so I just stopped coming up with ideas and started asking people what problems they had, whether or not they were willing to pay to have them solved, and then built the solution.’