Marketing Research for New Business Ideas Using Twitter

I’m going to use Twitter as a marketing tool. I’m going to search for “wish there was a way to” “i would pay for” “i want but” and see what I come up with for possible products or services for a business.

“wish there was a way to”

twitter feature: stop following people for certain parts of the day
wish there was a way to send one casting to all my model friends
wish there was a way to download the “Dont stop believin” version from Glee!
wish there was a way to connect my Flickr with my Twitter
wish there was a way to pump gas without getting out of the car
Wish there was a way to send you some of the heat here
wish there was a way to “detect” the tweets of people near you.
I like the Picnik editor on flickr, just wish there was a way to do a whole set at once
Wish there was a way to convince people that we just need to keep offices at a normal temp when it’s hot. Not at absolute zero
wish there was a way to mute the commentators without the background noise
wish there was a way to create ‘groups’ of people to follow on twitter
wish there was a way to order Showtime and HBO and nothing else.
wish there was a way to really be as indestructable as i felt last week
wish there was a way to sleep longer.
wish there was a way to transfer a custom Google map you created (pins and all) to the iPhone Google map app
WISH there was a way to permanently hide any news feed info relating to those “What kind of blah blah are you” quizzes on facebook.
wish there was a way to download iTunes Pass content onto the iPhone.
Wish there was a way to remote into a computer to enable vnc remote management
wish there was a way to opt out of getting messages from some people in facebook. Seems like whey need a spam filter.
wish there was a way to convert guitar tabs to ukulele tabs!
wish there was a way to transport my Pandora stations to my car. Bump “the networks” lol
wish there was a way to turn device updates off except for @ replies
Wish there was a way to make that txt face with a fat lip 😉
wish there was a way to post PDFs in #Facebook messages…
wish there was a way to store up my morning energy and use it when Jude has his nap in the afternoon. So tired and so much to do.

“i would pay for”

I would pay for the NYT and did.
@JetBlue, I would pay for WiFi! (As long as you also have outlets.)
I would LOVE for a man to do that for me! I would pay for it lol Romance is dead in these dudes eyes because no many women are
I would pay for some of them to come home and do nothing. Just to get them out of office
#ubertwitter is best bb app I’ve used twitberry bbtweet yatca and tinytweet. I would pay for uber and will when beta is over
i think i’m ready to start paying something for #twitter not alot, yet, but who wants to spend for fun? I would pay for technical support
I would pay for an audio copy of the conversation that accompanied these actions. =D
I would pay for 8 hours of uninterrupted snoozy times.
@hodgman I wouldn’t pay for a song, but I would pay for you to record the message on my answering machine.
@TweetDeck I so wish my settings/groups were Global and updated the app no matter where I signed in… I would pay for that
might let the s15 go the insurance/repayments on it is about the same as what I would pay for a wrx with a secured loan
I would pay for the data plan.
is there anyway to win backstage passes? cos i really wanna see enrique so bad, or i would pay for them?
You know, I just had that same thought! I would PAY for a better Twitter to stamp out spam & crap! lol!
I would pay for my college
I love my xm! Never thought I would pay for radio but boy do I love it!:)
lol true but i don’t know if I would pay for twitter though…
it’s days like this i would pay for someone to bath me.
I would pay for content online. Frankly, I’m surprised that it has been “free” this long! Make it easy and really QUICK to pay.
It is free, and really good, so can’t complain. They have to monetize somehow. I would pay for no ads TwitterFon.
i would pay for a megavideo subscription if i wasn’t 10000% sure that they’d spam my inbox & usps mailbox with crap.
tanning rocks..i would pay for it but i like the sun..cheaper ahah
I take it back – TwittedFon app update starts with last 20 tweets and stores everything from there. Ads still blow. I would pay for pro ver

“I want but”

Working on my book list…so many I want but how many do I need?
Buy all the T-Shirt Hell shirts I want but can afford and then spend the rest on a strippers and booze.
I know what i want but dont know how to get it.
Thinking about things I want but cant have… Because life is just that way?
Dont know what i want but i know its not you. I know in my heart its not.     <<<—-OUCH!

Life ROI

How to judge the return on investments you’ve made in your life.

Using the base point of a high school graduate or GED equivalent aged 17-18 years old, what life investments show the greatest ROI (return on investment).  Is it better to start working for another company right away to build experience and move up the corporate ladder or is it better to sit it out four years in college, then start at the bottom working for another company?  Is it better to attend a trade school or 2-year college then enter the workforce as a type of hybrid?  Is working for someone else better than starting out on your own in the beginning, middle, or late in your working life?  How does being married affect your success in life?  Does it matter if your spouse supports you or if you have an unhappy marriage?  How do children affect success?

There are many metrics and many examples of each scenario.  It is hard to know how you want to end up when you are 17-18 years old, but if you could do it all over again – if you could share your experiences with someone just starting out – or just laid off and starting over – what advice would you give them?

My Path

After high school I attended college for 5 years during which time I got married and had children.  I graduated with a bachelors degree and a mountain of debt, going to school and working full time as a bank clerk during and after college.  It wasn’t until I went back to school to get Microsoft certifications that I could get beyond the clerk job.  The 6-month certification training nearly doubled my 5 year investment in college tuition and board.  I watched as peers who didn’t go to college at all were at or above my clerk level and were without the college loan debt.  The only thing that allowed me to move up was going beyond the BS degree.  Because of that experience I tend to recommend going straight into a technical training field or apprenticeship straight out of high shool whether you plan on working for someone else or yourself.  Become an expert in your field and above all, follow your passions, but listen to those around you.  If you keep hearing the same advice from different people, its probably right and should be considered.

Success can be measured many different ways.  While children may take your time and energy, they also give you motivation and fulfil your innate desire to leave a legacy behind.  The joy and agony that comes from raising children is uncomparable to any other duty in life.  Have you ever heard that behind every good man is a great woman?  This is usually true if the man and wife are supportive and loving of each other.  A constant bickering under one roof can only restrain what could otherwise be successful endeavors.  How can we measure success?  How do you measure success?