Hot Fuss

I like pulling up to red lights at the bottom of hills with my hands up as if I’m falling. Its right up there with doing the windmill on overpasses. It makes me feel weightless.

I’m listening to The Killers’ “Hot Fuss”. Song 5 is my fav so far, but they are all good. Its a band that makes me wish I still had my band as a creative outlet.

Theres a Reason Why Life Rymes with Wife

I’m really sick of people constantly asking me to make life-changing decisions. I am not good at making decisions. My personal philosophy for the last three years has been the following:

  • Surround myself with people that I like
  • Dissasociate with those who hurt me
  • Be happy as long as it is not at the expense of others happiness
  • Try to make other people happy

I followed these rules instead of a formal religion. I feel now it has culminated in these circumstances:

  • I have fewer, but closer friends
  • I have to make harder choices about WHO to make happy when conflicts arrive
  • I more frequently find myself giving up my own happiness for others
  • This last gift does not spontaneously mean I will support them, just get out of their way

I still feel nothing.