The Art of Naming a Sandwich

When one goes to name a sandwich, they normally name it after what lies between the slices of bread rather than the bread itself. Conversely, when someone refers to a set of non-food items that resemble a sandwich pattern, the ‘sandwich’ is often named after the ‘bread’ parts. This may be because most of the time, outside of bread, similar things in life do not surround something else, but when it does, one wants to point attention to it, not what is in between and do so by naming the sandwich after the two alike peices rather than the one unique.

My Voice

My whole life I’ve been searching for my true singing voice. Today I found that voice and, though it was true, it did not sound good. I raised my soft pallete, removing the nasality, and pushed the air hard from my diaphragm. It hurt my lungs, my ears, and my heart. Its like when we grew up and realized all of our dreams would not come true. I want to create a masterpiece.