Taylor vs. Yonah, not Merom! Bulldozer vs. Merom!

AMD seems to be playing catch-up with Intel. Apparently the Taylor chip is a response to Intel’s Yonah chip. The latest Intel chip, the Core 2 Duo is codenamed, Merom. This article explains AMD’s reaction to the Core 2 Duo:

“Response to Merom

Unfortunately, AMD will not be able to immediately match the performance of Intel’s next generation Core 2 Duo mobile processor, codenamed Merom. Instead, AMD will be focusing on the mainstream market, where performance is not a major issue. AMD maintains that Turion 64 X2 will still hold advantages in platform design at a value.

According to industry insiders, AMD’s response to Merom, codenamed Bulldozer, won’t appear until 1H 2007.”

To be read at my funeral.

Want to be asleep.
Pain to stop.
Life to be fun.
Have moments of comfortableness.
Mean people to shut up.
Someone to laugh at my jokes.
To love.
To see the grand canyon.
A place to call my own.
Blink182 to get back together.
A truly original idea.
To finish my novel.
To be a good dad.
To be faithful.
To be fearless.
To stand up for myself.
To be in control.
To be taken care of.
To learn.
To be loved.
To leave an impression.
To be without a shadow of a doubt.
To meet Jesus.
To drive less.
To laugh more.
To give when I can.
To be.
To remember.
To have something to look forward to.
To find out what color her eyes are.
My daughters to respect me.
To be almost debt free.
To take a warm shower.
To lay down in cold, clean sheets on a cool October night.
To work with Derek again.
To find a diamond in my own back yard.
To meet someone on top of the Empire State Building.
To build my own car.
To make my parents proud.
To let my wife know how much she means to me.

Mile 100150.

Gravity Hill?

Where is Gravity Hill?

According to Roadside America, the gravity hill in Mooresville, Indiana is definitely on Keller Hill Road off SR42. I have been there around ten times. I will tell everyone right now that the hill is NOT marked at all. All I can say is you will just have to try the hills. It is approx. a mile in on the road. If you are going away from SR42 it is kind of down in a valley just before a rather large hill and there is a house on the left side and just some trees on the right.