Hard Maples

Hard maples are common in this area and grow very easily. I have transplanted several starts into pots to let them grow there before transplanting into the ground, but with limited success. Elm, walnuts, mulberries, and sumac also grow wild, but I tend to weed them out. Sumac have a very distinct smell when you pull them apart or up out the ground. This makes me dislike them even more. Sumacs are the opposite of hard maples for me.

The Tipton Collection

I have started a new collection of shrubs, bushes, and ground cover called the Tipton Collection. I will post pictures later. I have been doing woodwork for the last two weeks making a tv stand for my little brother and a bookshelf for a co-worker. I delivered both this week so now I have moved on to scrap metal. There is a Goodyear building in town that has replaced it’s radiator heating system with a more up-to-date furnance so I am gutting the pipe for capital. Having the right tools makes all the difference so I took advangtage of Lowe’s 20% off deal this week and bought a cordless combo set. I hope to pay for the tools with the money from scrap steel. The current price is $70 per ton. I’ve got to sell four tons to break even.