Road Trip to Columbus with Jason

Geek Road Trip

Columbus Ohio Coffee Shop

There were a lot of men, most sitting alone with their notebooks, in this coffee shop in downtown Columbus. Jason got a cappacino and I got a vanilla latte. It was pretty dang good, the best I’ve had in a while.

Best Buds

Columbus at night–on the move. Jason is getting mad about me being on the phone. Wife is mad that I went at all.

96th and Allisonville

This tree is old. I liked its gnarled roots sticking up from the ground as the cows most likely tread on it in the past. Does anyone know what type it is? I can’t place it. I wanted to get a picture of it before the area was developed further. Next door is a Walgreens. The White River runs in the background near the tree line. When I was a maintenance worker at a summer camp in Michigan, there was one particular tree that when I mowed under it, I couldn’t help but think the tree was majestic. It was a maple. I don’t have to mow under this one to consider it so.

[Update 1/7/2012: This tree became known as The Watershawl Tree because of it’s use in the Watershawl logo for a time.]

18-Year Old Apple Tree Struggles to Grow

I planted this tree in my grandma and grandpa’s yard in Garden City, MO from an apple I was eating that day. It’s about eighteen years old in this picture, which is very old for a tree this small. It has been ran over several times I think. It must have a large root system though for being so old. I’m not sure. You may or may not be able to see the pond in the background just beyond the fence. Behind the photographer is a barn they called Erich’s barn because it was the middle-sized barn and I am the middle child of the three boys.