My mission is to add value to my customers and my community. I do this by using web technology to help businesses sell products and services, keep organized and productive, and be more efficient.

Erich Stauffer uses web technology to help businesses:

  • Sell products and services
  • Keep businesses organized and productive
  • Fix or improve computing experiences

How do I help companies sell more products and services?

I believe in the multiplying power of technology. Things built or written once can be used and spread over and over again. Istart with a great web platform – WordPress. Then I build a web site on top of that. This becomes your home base for content marketing. Your website should first and foremost reflect your business plan, your culture, and your personality. After that it’s nice for it to be expandable, editable, and SEO friendly. WordPress allows for all of that. With my web designer with a business analyst background, I will guide you through this process.

The second tier is promoting the content you’ve helped create on your new website. This involves setting up and populating social spaces like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and getting people talking about your products and services. I can also monitor what people are saying about your business – good or bad – and respond. Social networks are not your home base, but rather a multiplier of the content created for your home website. That is why it is so important that your website have the ability to add blog posts, change content, and add new material, pictures, and video. Every piece you add is a new opportunity for another client to get in front of your business.

How do we keep businesses organized and productive?

Erich Stauffer has experience with managing Windows 2003 and 2008 servers and Microsoft XP and Windows 7 networks. He has worked with both Microsoft Exchange and cloud services like Google Apps, Intermedia, and Office 365. Instead of managing your own hardware, why not pay a seat fee per month to host your office applications in the cloud with one of the biggest technology companies in the world? The difference can be seamless to users, allowing them to continue using Microsoft Outlook. They’ll also get to share and edit documents together, share calendars, and almost everything Microsoft Office can do, for a fraction of the cost.

How do we improve computing experiences?

Erich Stauffer offers Mobile Phone Support & PC Repair Services for Android™ & Windows® in the Indianapolis area. We will setup, fix, and repair Android tablets, smartphones, and cell phones. They also support webOS tablets, Windows 7 tablets, and other tablet PCs. They have over 5 years experience repairing PCs, maintaining computer networks, and helping people with their cell phones.

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About Erich Stauffer

Erich Stauffer is a SEO web design and technology consultant located north of Indianapolis in Tipton, Indiana

Erich Stauffer, Web Designer and Technology Consultant

Erich Stauffer’s mission is to add value to his customers and his community. He does this by using web services and technology to help businesses sell products and services, keep organized and productive, and be more efficient.

I help you sell your products and services with web design, SEO, and online marketing. I help you keep organized and productive by switching email servers to Google Apps to reduce spam, share contacts, documents, and calendars. I help you be more efficient with technology consulting services.

Read my testimonials, view my services, or browse my portfolio to see examples of my web designs. If you have questions for me, want more information, a free quote, or to request a meeting, email me or call 317-572-7521.

About Erich Stauffer

Erich Stauffer is a web designer and technology consultant who helps business owners better market their products and services online. Erich has worked as a business analyst for two of the largest banks in Indiana and as a computer technician for several different IT firms. He graduated from Indiana University in Indianapolis with a Bachelors degree in General Studies: Science and Math and have since become Microsoft, CompTIA A+, and Network+ certified. Erich has been designing and deploying web sites for over 10 years.

Fun Fact about Erich: he was named after a miniature figurine designer who made fake Hummels in Japan.

I cover Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Marketing. My name is Erich Stauffer. I do technology consulting and web design. I create online web presences for businesses in the Indianapolis area, help market businesses, and consult with business owners and dentists.

Although I’m mostly interested in consulting, I have worked as a business analyst and computer technician for various companies. I graduated from Indiana University in Indianapolis with a Bachelors degree in General Studies: Science and Math and have since become Microsoft, CompTIA A+, and Network+ certified. I have worked for Neighborhood Geeks as a service technician, AllThingsIT as a support engineer, and at First Merchants Bank as a business analyst. I have many friends that still work at First Merchants as they are the largest company I’ve worked for recently, but as you can read in this post, I recently left to go full time at Watershawl working for my various clients through my various brands.

One thing you’ll hear me talk about on this blog is the future of technology, generational differences, and pop culture. You can follow me on Twitter @erichstauffer or via this contact form. Thanks for reading!


I’m a product manager with experience in IT, app development, web marketing, and project management. I have 10+ years experience working in IT and web applications.


• Passionate about web/technology
• Able to easily motivate and inspire team members, peers and stakeholders
• Innovative; thinks beyond boundaries


Product Support
– Present (1 year 1 month) Indianapolis, Indiana Area

• Drive collaborative innovation amongst team, to identify unique solutions to complex problems
• Help to define product requirements, stories and personas. Ensure requirements align with product goals.
• Maintain a deep knowledge of the product, including consumer behaviors, the competitive landscape and technology trends
• Work with .NET and SQL developers to improve the program in an Agile framework
• Manage implementing new customers
• Support the existing customers as needed
• Use Google Sites to create documentation
• Use Trello to manage tickets and projects and Dropbox to store files
• Attract potential customers via SEO, Content Marketing, and PPC Advertising
• Use Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Facebook Advertising
• Give product demos with the goal of acquiring new customers

IT Director (Part-Time)
Skinny and Company, LLC
– Present (2 years 6 months) Indianapolis, Indiana Area

• Support Sales by creating custom call and email reports for sales team members
• Support Marketing by implementing new marketing technology and training marketers how to use
• Support Operations by ensuring network, Internet, and phone systems work properly
• Support Finance by collecting and distributing monthly metric reports on KPIs
• Support Product Development by suggesting new product ideas and go-to-market strategies

Information Systems Analyst
WorkSmart Systems
(1 year 1 month) Indianapolis, Indiana

• Used Microsoft Office365 for email; Yammer; managed users and groups
• Used Trello to manage tasks and projects; trained other IT staff how to use
• Managed Microsoft Server 2008 servers on-premise in a VMware environment
• Help-desk support for staff when needed for hardware, software, and networking issues
• Managed outside vendors to accomplish internal business goals
• Responsible for setting up and deleting users, groups, and computers in Active Directory
• Managed development of custom Visual Basic .Net application with on-staff developer
• Developed custom forms in Formstack and Adobe Acrobat to achieve business goals
• Ran SQL queries in a Microsoft SQL Server environment for Darwin/Dynamics upgrades
• Upgraded core software, all PCs, and the VoIP phone system as 3 separate projects

IT Business Consultant
Watershawl, Inc. / Erich Stauffer
(2 years 1 month)Tipton, IN

• Responsible for responding to IT issues and preventing IT issues from arising
• Used Google Analytics to monitor client websites
• Built and updated WordPress, OS Commerce, and Shopify websites for clients
• Setup and maintained social media accounts for clients
• Wrote blog posts for clients to post on their websites
• Discovered customized technology solutions for a variety of client projects
• Reported marketing metrics monthly to clients to help make better business decisions
• Managed delivery and implementation of business solutions
• Gathered and documented business processes and needs
• Documented and stored information in Google Sites and Sharepoint
• Ran SQL queries in a phpMyAdmin environment for WordPress
• Used Google Analytics and Excel to give analytical feedback on performance metrics

  • Steve Benedict
    Steve Benedict
    Broker/Owner at Westfield Real Estate

    I’m proud to refer Erich’s work to anyone who needs web design, consulting and thorough knowledge of all Internet media. View

  • Amy Goettemoeller
    Amy Goettemoeller
    Designer at Signature 4 / 49 Degrees

    Erich was great to work with – He was detailed, communicative, and really knew what he was talking about. He is very… View

Business Analyst
First Merchants Corporation
(3 years 3 months) Daleville, IN

• Led projects to evoke department-level changes to the organization
• Created custom dashboards and utilization modeling systems using Excel
• Performed staffing models for various departments including a call center
• Helped bank setup it’s first email marketing program using SugarCRM
• Trained retail branch staff on how to use new check imaging capture technology
• Used Excel to analyze and present data using charts, graphs, and Pivot Tables
• Managed Deposit Services staff during a transition period as interim manager
• Ran SQL queries in a Microsoft SQL Server environment for Wausau Financial Systems
• Researched upgrades to hardware and software products
• Co-developed roadmaps for the future of our department

  • Chris Hendrickson
    Chris Hendrickson
    VP Sr. Product Manager in Business Banking at JPMorgan Chase

    Erich is a great asset to our company. His innovative thinking keeps ideas flowing through the division and our organization, and his entrepreneurial spirit is refreshing. Erich’s ability to learn quickly and apply his knowledge in meaningful ways… View

IT Support Technician (Part-Time)
Neighborhood Geeks, Inc.
(3 years 11 months) Greenfield, IN

• Responsible for assisting with hardware, software, and network troubleshooting
• Worked in homes and businesses to provide solutions to a variety of IT issues
• Practiced adroitness and adaptability when troubleshooting new problems
• Project work included setting up new networks for clients and XP reinstalls
• Customer service was my primary goal; I wanted the customer to be happy
• Created custom, branded Shareware CDs for the business to sell to clients
• Coded a custom HTML website to market the business online

Balance Controller
Old National Bank
(6 years 2 months) Indianapolis, IN

• Responsible for balancing all retail banking center item transactions each day
• Ran document sorter as required to image all items and sort each day
• Ran reports on each run to ensure data integrity
• Created queries in AFS ImageVision to speed the time required to run each report
• Improved end-of-day worksheets to help streamline processes and prevent errors
• Invited to be a part of a company-wide task force to make improvements to company



B.S., General Studies: Science and Math, Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana – 2001-2004

  • Completed courses in speech, communications, art, new media, web design, & computer science
  • Studied Web Design, HTML, CSS, Boolean logic, as well as Microsoft Office

Certifications, New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Carmel, Indiana – 2005-2006

  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification
  • CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications
  • 2Xpert Certification from 2X

College, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana – 2001

  • Majored in Computer Science, but took General Study courses
  • Worked up to two jobs while going to school full-time
  • Found my wife and asked her to marry me

College, Milligan College, Milligan College, Tennesee – 2000

  • Studied Film and Communications
  • Assistant Producer of first feature-length film, The Screen
  • Co-hosted a campus radio show with Ben Fair

College, Kentucky Christian, Grayson, Kentucky, 1998-2000

To view examples of web work, check out my services. As always, you can contact me here.


Erich Stauffer has owned or helped create several companies including:

  • Recycling – [Partner] – [Asset Recovery] – Collected and sold aluminum cans for scrap.
  • Closet Collectibles Company – [Partner] – [B&M Retail] – Bought and sold antiques.
  • Shog – [Partner] – [Band] – Created four albums over four years and had a lot of fun.
  • <strong”>Blu Bukx – [Owner] – [eCommerce] – Resold retired books from libraries on
  • Recycling – [Owner] – [Asset Recovery] – Collected and sold aluminum cans for scrap.
  • Neighborhood Geeks – [Partner] – [Computer Repair] – Computer repair services.
  • Telablue – [Owner/Partner] – [Web Design] – Web design and SEO business services.
  • Comp Lube – [Owner] – [Computer Repair] – Computer repair services business idea.
  • Able Trainers – [Partner] – [Publishing] – Computer training material and classes idea.
  • Managing Actions – [Partner] – [Blog] – Blog about how thoughts affect your actions.
  • Cost Publishing – [Partner/Owner] – [Affiliate Marketing] – Blog publishing network.
  • Watershawl – [Owner] – [Web Design and Technology Consulting] – Business services.
  • Tenet Marketing – [Partner] – [Affiliate Marketing] – Blog publishing network.
  • Growmotion – [Owner] – [Marketing] – Marketing and advertising consulting business idea.
  • Geek Hand – [Owner] – [Mobile Device Services] – Mobile device setup and training services.
  • Dental Management Institute – [Partner] – [Dental Consulting] – Dental consultant idea.
  • Button Apps – [Owner] – [App Development] – Attempted to learn how to create or buy apps.
  • Professional Technology Consulting – [Owner] – [Consulting] – Technology consulting idea.
  • IT Executive Coaching – [Owner] – [Training] – Executive training on how to use technology idea.

Out of all of those businesses, only a handful actually had customers and were profitable including:

  • Erich Stauffer's CompaniesCloset Collectibles
  • Shog
  • Blubux
  • Neighborhood Geeks
  • Telablue
  • Cost Publishing
  • Watershawl
  • Tenet Marketing
  • Geek Hand

In the beginning (during high school and college), the businesses I was creating focused on buying or making something and selling it. But then something changed after I graduated. All of a sudden I was starting service, training, and publishing companies centered around computers, web design, technology, and marketing.

And now that I’ve done those things I still think about starting a training company or school to teach people how to use WordPress or to operate an online store – things people are willing to pay people to do at an employee rate rather than at a change/project rate that an outside consulting firm normally charges (think thousands per project).

Another goal is to get back into ecommerce – back to what I was doing 12 years ago with Blu Bukx Company or 18 years ago with Closet Collectibles Company. To do that I have been learning more from my ecommerce customers in how they do business, reading as much as I can about how to run an ecommerce business, and sharing what I’m learning.

But the things I’m actually working on are still mostly IT and web consulting services that include network management, computer maintenance, mobile device management, email management, online marketing, SEO, content marketing, and even some human resources/talent acquisition assistance. I’m still helping people build and grow their businesses. Maybe that’s just who I am.

Managing Actions

Erich Stauffer used to run a blog called Managing Actions with Zac Parsons where we wrote about how thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to results, and that to change your results, you must first change your thoughts. Managing Actions used pop culture and life lessons to help identify and understand potentially complex social and economic problems we face today. Both authors are entrepreneurs who believe strongly in the Law of Attraction, where thoughts are believed to be strongly linked to actions and outcomes. In 2007, the Law of Attraction was made popular when Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, appeared on Oprah. In the book, Buddha is attributed to saying, “What you think about, comes about,” but Karl Moore has recently updated this with the mantra, “Intention sets direction.”

Our intention was to write about how thoughts affect actions in life, business, and technology. If leadership can better understand how they themselves think and then learn how to use their thoughts to control their own actions, then they can better understand how other people think, and be better leaders. Leadership is not a personality trait, it is something that can be learned. A large part of leadership is decision making, which involves managing thoughts and using them to create the outcome in which you desire. Managing Actions blogged about how to be a leader both in business, but in life, and to your family.


ErichErich – In addition to blogging, Erich is a business analyst by day and a business consultant by night. He also has been a Boy Scout, sold Tri-Star vacuums, joined Amway, been the lead singer of a band called Shog, attended four colleges in as many years, been married, had kids, and started three businesses.

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ZacZac – In addition to writing blogs, Zac is a motivational speaker and an organizational consultant. He has climbed mountains, hung out back stage with bands, lived a life of luxury and back again, been married, lived in three states, graduated college, had kids, and most recently started his own business franchise of the Pacific Institute.

You can also catch Zac at

Thanks for remembering Managing Actions – may your thoughts lead to action!